Sunday, July 5, 2009

Whimsical fire works

Here is what I consider my best image from the 4th of July fire works at the marina by my house. I always try to shake things up by panning, zooming and shaking the camera while shooting in the BULB mode. I do enjoy working with a mono pod and moving the camera all over the place while everyone around me is fighting to keep the camera on the tripod as still as humanly possible. So when the shows over I can be assured that my images will be much different then everyone elses images, and that generally goes with out

Here is a very new image that might possible be used for my upcoming solo show. I am trying to achieve several new work for the show and I think I am coming closer to reaching this goal. I have been playing with alternative lighting and even using image altering materials to shoot through to help create this type of and effect. So how did I do with this one? Let me know what you think or even how the image makes you feel.