Saturday, June 27, 2009

I had this idea in mind, and have even taken images similar to this one prior to creating this image. Panning and zooming together can make for a really cool image when the the subject, foreground, and the background work well together. I am now working on a few other ideas and feel these new ideas will allow for some very imaginitive as well as creative images. Columbus Circle New York City Spring 2009.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is one of ny first images I created after I got my first digital camera. It was on a road trip I took with my mom in the fall of 2006. We left from Connecticut, and went up throught Massachusetts then up the East side of Vermont and then back down the west side of New Hampshire. This was done while visiting Franconia Notch and with a limitted amount of time before the park closed . I was able to capture this image while rushing through the park. With the use of a Polarizing filter and a very slow shutter I was able to capthure the water in this way

Saturday, June 6, 2009


This is one of those images I created in my mind, and then proceeded to translating it into my camera. This roll of wire fencing was at a customers house and I kept seeing it until one day when I asked to borrow it. I then explained that I was only going to photograph it. and not use it for its originally intended purpose a fence. So I brought it home and started playing with it and in the dark with a wind up flash light I created ROUND-N-ROUND-N-ROUND. I was about as much fun creating it as it is hearing all the things people think that it is.
I have also learned that I am attracted to photographing Wire Fencing, Razor Wire, Barb Wire, and just about any other type of fencing that I might encounter on my journey.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Favorite equitment

I am adding this information as an alternative to posting it on every image I post and BLOG about. I Started my early digital days with the Nikon D-80 and after a few instances of despair, I upgraded to the Nikon D-200 which has been pretty solid with the one exception of a broken camera thing a ma-giggy that holds the strap on the camera. I like to keep the Nikon 24-7omm f2.8 lens or the 12-24mm f4 lens as my two primary lenses and the ocasional 60mm or 105mm Macro lens for alot of the close up things I like to do. Although I have the Nikon 70-300mm which I think is a 3.5-4.5f lense and I am not so sure if thats what it actually is cause I dont like using it that much. I am going to sell this one so I can get a down payment for the lense I really want. I may just use the money to buy the Canon G-10 so I have a nice camera for when I am on my bicycle. If you ever have any questions about my images or the equipment I use to do them you can ask, but I may not always have the best technical answer that yopu have ever heard.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Chosen One

Bring your camera just in case you come across a group of Jewish Men awaiting a group photo. On a trip to Miami Beach I passed this group, and I immediately went back for the chance to capture this image. Feeling I would be told no photos if I approached with a camera that appeared like a creature of the media, Cool Pix was my choice. As I approached them and asked to take their photo they replied fine. Watching what was happening I began to process the oppourtunity for the shot that would soon be known as "The Chosen One". The funny encounter I faced while taking their picture was when they yelled out take his picture. Upon their comand their photographers turned and began photographing me as I stood on the sidelines. What I thought would have been funny is when the photo lab prints the order and in the middle a pictures appears of me with my ponytail and colorfully vibrantly shirt. So here is a good example why I try to always carry a camera with me where ever it is my journey may take me

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Artist Landscape

All to often this image is one that people identify me by which is different from my current body of work, but it's still my identity for many. When I started Showing my work a couple years ago this image was one I felt represented me well, and it still seems to represents me pretty well. I wasn't sure how to create what I had envisioned, but after a couple different attempts I found the rough shavings on the pencil worked so well. The first try had little to no texture and it just didn't look so well. So in the end here is the image that has started a series of artist materials in a somewhat abstract form. Old or new it still represents me well for that period of time or the current period of time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Paradise Contained

This image was taken during a ten minute stop at a beach in Montego Bay Jamaica. In that short span of time I was solicited for Drugs, meshedi, Radio, and even a set of Rims and Tires for my car. Lets just say it was Jamaica in its truest tourist town regards. Thank You

Red Blue Yellow

This was shot while in the pool at a hotel on vacation and its seems to be an ongoing favorite. I find this picture to be one of those that could be classified as one from my greatest hits collection. Although I have a pretty nice camera this one was done with a Nikon Cool Pix point and shoot camera. Remember its not the Arrow its the Indian that matters most. Thanks Brian.