Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is one of ny first images I created after I got my first digital camera. It was on a road trip I took with my mom in the fall of 2006. We left from Connecticut, and went up throught Massachusetts then up the East side of Vermont and then back down the west side of New Hampshire. This was done while visiting Franconia Notch and with a limitted amount of time before the park closed . I was able to capture this image while rushing through the park. With the use of a Polarizing filter and a very slow shutter I was able to capthure the water in this way


  1. Hey Brian, Amazing photography. The blog looks great man. Check out the other photo blogs man.



  2. It's good to have a place to come visit you. We met at one of the Coral Gables art functions but we also have one of your neighbors in common. Love the photos and look forward to more!

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