Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Chosen One

Bring your camera just in case you come across a group of Jewish Men awaiting a group photo. On a trip to Miami Beach I passed this group, and I immediately went back for the chance to capture this image. Feeling I would be told no photos if I approached with a camera that appeared like a creature of the media, Cool Pix was my choice. As I approached them and asked to take their photo they replied fine. Watching what was happening I began to process the oppourtunity for the shot that would soon be known as "The Chosen One". The funny encounter I faced while taking their picture was when they yelled out take his picture. Upon their comand their photographers turned and began photographing me as I stood on the sidelines. What I thought would have been funny is when the photo lab prints the order and in the middle a pictures appears of me with my ponytail and colorfully vibrantly shirt. So here is a good example why I try to always carry a camera with me where ever it is my journey may take me

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  1. Congratulations on your blog, now you have a way to make sure you have no spare time. Love this image, the DOF really brings him forward, great sence of left to right and the implied lines are tremendous...