Monday, February 7, 2011

Fly away and be free if you can.

It seems like this month is about to fly right by as I start to realize that I haven't posted anything to my blog lately. This is an image of my daughter Brianna wind drying the cover of her tent. We had camped in one of the hammocks on Elliot Key, and with an early morning break down we were forced to bring our tents out to the shoreline for some solar and wind drying. So here is my versions of tent drying and a great picture of my daughter.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here is some of the winter time foliage from the Everglades, and although its not the Famous New England autumn foliage, the colors are very comparable. I have found some hints of color through out the park but once I found this large cluster of color I had to shoot it. I am now starting to re work the technique of putting the camera in the cooler. I really like the feel it creates when you chill the camera, but this is the new version of a chilled camera. I hope you like it Brian Trainor