Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo Pro Lab. What does it Mean?

I might get too wound up in my work but then again it is my name I am putting on the image. I have been dealing with the same lab for some time now, and from time to time they seem to come un-ravelled for one reason or another. This time I had them print an image they had printed numerous times, and since they didn't have the color corrected image with out the original dirt spot removed I got the image with the dirt spot. I then brought the dirty print that was able to sneak by Inspector 142 back to the lab and they printed another one and the bad one was ripped up and thrown away. I then got a call and was asked if I paid for the print and I said I hadn't but then again the print you gave me had missed the Quality Check. After I explained it to the owner and his daughter today I was then charged for the second print which meant I paid twice for a single usable print. If some one needs to make a lot of money in Miami all they need to do is open a pro lab, and not come unravelled like my current lab seems to do when I need them most.