Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home Everglades Style.

So here is my living quarters while I am working in the Everglades. In the past I would always set up a tent but as long as I am working by myself or with one of my daughters this is the substitute for the tent. I move things around, and I can have two people in sleeping bags sleeping comfortable. I really like the idea of having a van rather then a pick up now that I am doing a lot of camping in the Everglades. I sure do like not having to set up and break down a tent every time I want to go camping and working in the Everglades. I don't need my bike rack or any other travel tools since everything fits so easily into the van. A few towels over the windows, and it is Home Sweet Home. I have to say with some of this cold weather we have been getting it's nice to be in the van when the windows are being covered with frost on the outside.